Published Works & Articles

To know about Shammmi’s engagement with the Jaipur community see and Page 33 at

His connection with Unschooling Community in India see See Page 93 in Taking the Class out of the class room in a college in Goa. See Page 93 in

When he was faced with asthma like symptoms in Mumbai, he stumbled upon looking at connection between our health and food, nature cure, yoga and other lifestyle changes as a way to heal himself. He got into healthy ways of cooking and self healing. He has had many mentors on food and has attended workshops of Vijaya Venkat and has closely seen their way of working. See

He also volunteered to run an organic kitchen at the Film Institute in Pune where they served an organic meal for Rs 25. There he learnt how to manage an organizations and understood how lack of effective ways of communication can make the running of the place challenging. See and the challenges he faced on it at

After looking at ways of cooking he moved to look at ways of growing food and learnt while being on many organic farms. He also created an Urban Farm in Chandigarh with his friend Moonstar.


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