Integral Community Building with Food in Jaipur

One fine day I got a call from Gurpreet, who has founded ‘Uday’, a Waldorf inspired school in Jaipur, asking me if I can help her arrange a healthier meal for the participants of the  ‘Art of Parenting’ workshop organized by them.

She reminded of the food that we had cooked at the Jaipur Learning City Conference and was hoping that they can get some thing like that for their event.


Steamed Veggies with coconut paste

I was glad to hear it and see that there are people in the city who value food which I also consider more in tune for our bodies and was willing to support her. I called up some friends and they were not able to offer this meal as it was a short notice, just one day before the event.

At that time there was Yash, staying at our newly created space, Ahimsagram – a space for learning and living sustainably while also working on peace building and consent based organisation  systems . He is from Swaraj Unviersity and is here with me to do his mentorship around healthy food with me. I asked him if he was keen and if we both can take up this cooking for about 20 people. He said yes and I agreed to us providing food to the workshop.


Yash from Swaraj, Operations Leader for Kitchen at Ahimsagram

We also had Hema from Bangalore with us and the three of us prepared a meal, took it to the school on a cab, served the food, had a chat with the participants of the workshop and attended the session.

The workshop was facilitated by Mani Sir, who has inspired lot of people all over the country into taking up Waldorf teaching.

He was also talking on the impact of food on children and how food needs to be simple and with less chemicals and stimulants. I was glad to see that we had a common ground.


Hema Making  Mangalorian Polikoddal

It felt like being a community with a shared dream where we are there to support each other and create integral growth for the community. I am enjoying the growing community bonds in the Jaipur which are making us create a sustainable and resilient eco system. Gurpreet is also the Operations Leader for the Learning Unlearning group under the Jaipur Mera Shehar Network and we are creating an organisation/community of those who want to look at alternate forms of learning. You can contact her if you want o join the group or know about Uday at

We made –

  • Avial inspired mix veg – Steamed Veggies with Coconut Paste and some spices.
  • Salad with roasted Peanut powder
  • Rice and Jowar Rotis
  • Pulikoddal- A Mangolarian dish made by Hema was a dal with torai and coconut in it.
  • Cold fruit dessert or diary and sugar & dairy free fruit ice cream, with dates, cashew and Mango.

The food was much appreciated and it was amazing team work between me, Yash and Hema to pull through this big meal and take it out there.


Jowar roti made on Tawa – a gift from Lyla and Vijay ji

The Jowar Roti was made on a thick tawa offered as gift from my friend Lyla’s Father Vijay ji. He has a factory and got us a thick tawa of cast iron made especially for Ahimsagram. I am loving it how there are so many people in the city who come together to create  a space. It is the magic of this Tawa which allows the thick miller rotis and dosas to get cooked well without getting burnt.

I was inspired to see so many people there wanting to know more about such food or wanting such food at the doorsteps. I would want to put my energy into sharing about food with the larger community. I am also hoping that the Food and Farm Group in the Jaipur Mera Shehar network can take it up.

If you want to join a group of people who are keen on looking at food in life serving ways then connect with the Jaipur Food and Farm Group.

Appreciate Gurpreet’s commitment to taking care of her guest in giving them the best that she could reach out for in Jaipur.


Shammi & Yash talking to the workshop participants about their Food Journeys…

Since then I have been getting calls from some of the people from the workshop for recipes and request for sharing more on the food. Look forward to more collaborative emerging in the city over our food needs so we can one day call it a ‘Safe Food City’.


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Joins us for Jaipur Mera Shehar – Re-imaginging our city…


Here is an opportunity to walk in and meet face to face with people with shared interest to create a peer to peer support groups in the city over the next two weeks.

Together we will re-imagine our city so that we have the power to enrich and nourish the life of the people of this city in an autonomous as well as interdependent way.
These groups are from various areas of interest, and also connected to each other through a network. To know more about how the network will be organised see

We will be conducting a series of meetings where we will call separate meeting of each interest group. Initially, the anchoring team for launching this network will also be with you and once the groups are formed it will strive to become a self operating system.


In the first meeting, by using Sociocracy (Consent Based Governance) we will together frame a statement of purpose specifying the vision, mission and activities of each group and nominate the representatives to join the larger network.

Meetings will be held at Samarth School – C-26, Gulab Path, Gali number 2, Chomu House, Jaipur. The schedule is as follows.




Interest Group


5th May



Jaipur Food & Farming

Samarth School

6th May



Learning City – Heritage, Architecture, Design

Samarth School

11th May



Wholesome Living & Healing

Samarth School

12th May



Economics of Happiness

Businesses We Believe In

Samarth School

17th May



Learning Unlearning

Samarth School

18th May




Samarth School

19th May



Gift culture & spirit of service

Samarth School

20th May



Communication & Counseling

Samarth School

21st May



MELA, Music, Entertainment, Literature and Arts

Samarth School

If you have any suggestions please feel free to write to them at

Besides it will support us and the network if you can fill this form.

Shammi, Chintan, Piyush, Avinash and Aditya

Anchor Team

Jaipur Mera Shehar


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NVC Mohalla at Jaipur


‘NVC Mohalla’ invites you to join the first Practice group on Nonviolent Communication(NVC) in Jaipur at my new home cum community space on this Sunday the 17th April, 16. This will be a place where we practice challenging situation in our lives with support of NVC and learn ways to deal with them in a compassionate and authentic way. To know more about NVC go to and

After the practice group we will have a vegetarian potluck lunch where each of us brings our tiffins to share it with each other. We will also put our hearts and minds to see how we can take NVC to different areas of Jaipur and in other cities.

This practice group comes our from my deeper vision of having a compassionate, peaceful, Joyful and harmonious world,  where consent is the core principle and each person is heard and have a sense that their needs matter to the community. I would want us to express ourselves safely and fully while caring for each other. Where, if we have disconnects, we can have support from friends and community who help us listen to each other deeply and find the way ahead.

To support all this vision some of us are launching an initiative called ‘NVC Mohalla’, where we intend to create spaces of learning and deepening of Nonviolent Communication(NVC) in different parts of Jaipur.

If you intend to come please RSVP by sms to me at 9486083163.

Flow of the day is as follows.

10 am to 1 pm – Practice of Nonviolent Communication

1 pm to 2 pm – Potluck Vegetarian Lunch

2 pm to 5 pm – Meeting to plan the way forward for NVC Mohalla in Jaipur.

Venue: 36C, D Block, Model Town, Near Malviya Nagar, Jaipur.

Look forward to seeing some of you.



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From Blaming to co-responsibility – a road to inner peace…

Some thing I am getting more and more convinced these day is that during moments of disconnects I am more at peace and able to engage with others better when I take greater responsibility of my actions and feelings that are arising from them. When I just Blame others, I can sound like – you make me angry, you made me do that, because of you I did it, he is very needy, you never asked me, you didn’t make it clear earlier, etc. In these moments I realise that often there was a part of me which lets things happen or consent to what was going on. I might do it out of habit, or norm, or expectation, fear of retribution, fear of excluded or losing out on other people’s love but nonetheless there is a part that I play in contributing to that situation. That is the part when I was not in my awareness or power and that’s I want to take more and more responsibility of lately. I am not saying we need to take 100 percent responsibility but even if I begin to take part of that responsibility, I can be more in a position to change my world as my actions are much more in control for me than the actions of other people.  I see it as a position of empowerment.

When, I just blame others for my situation, I surely loose my inner peace and that too almost beyond repair as its easy for me to then keep expecting, wanting waiting for others to change for me to feel better or to ‘make’ me feel better. And I know what a challenging journey can that be or how difficult it is to make any one change. By, saying this I am not implying that change in others can’t happen but to give full responsibility of my feelings on to others is like giving full control of my life to some one else.

So How do I free myself from being a slave of other people’s behaviour. I see two possible ways for it.  One is, I begin to look for my actions which are responsible or triggering certain behaviours in other people and I try to work on them. Is there any thing that I am doing is sounding like blame and attack on some one else and triggering them to do what they are doing? Am I making demands on other people where they may not be experiencing choice? Am I using threat or manipulation to get my things done? Am I just doing things in way that ignores the needs of the others? Am I not clear when I am making agreements or am I not seeking enough clarity? Am I not making requests and expecting them to understand what I want without me saying and to do it on their own? When I can catch myself doing some of this or other similar actions, then I can try to take small steps change some bit of my actions.

The second thing for me is how do I see their behaviour in such a way that I have more power over my experience that is being generated from their behaviour. Which will be more like when others do some thing, which is disturbing or painful for me, can I try to see why they do what they do? What could be there good enough reason or the need that they are trying to meet by their action? What could have been their belief system which would have made them do that? What is their experience of the worlds or the exposure they have that makes them behave the way they behave? Or try to go in their shoes.

All the above work lets me be bit more at peace with my unmet needs and leaves me with more spaciousness to engage with others with more connection than when my inner peace was gone and I was in some kind of desperation while engaging with others. I can express more authentically  probably through my feelings and needs, in a way that it could be easier for others to listen and I am also in a space to empathise with their needs.

I would love to create offerings where we can come together with community and explore the process of taking ‘co-responsibility’ of our situations and engage with greater sense of control and power in our life, which could also give a sense of care to those whom we are wanting to engage with. This can happen at the level of conflicts between individuals or even conflicts between groups.

I have great learning from Marshall B Rosenberg and Miki Kashtan to make me see what I have shared above. Besides, the word ‘co-responsibility’ is from Dominic Barter who is also a great inspiration for his work on Restorative Circles.

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Dil Ki Zuban – NVC at Amansetu

Here is a film from a 45 minute session from  five days spent sharing Nonviolent Communication(NVC) at Amansetu School in Pune with children, teachers and parents in September 2015. Enjoyed the willingness of all to work on our ways of connecting with each other in more nourishing ways.

After the workshop one of our freind, Leena whose daughter Zara is in the school came home and told her mom – “It’s the same thing you have to say that you are feeling, never change your feeling Mom. The difference is how you say it, try and not be hurtful when you say.”

Its important we work consciously on how we engage with our kids in ways which are respectful and work out things in collaboration with them. Moving to a partnership paradigm where each person’s needs matter.

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Sociocracy At Jaipur

A consent based decision making system – 4 to 8 May, 2016

When we work in communities, organizations, businesses & political parties we all seek-
-A spirit of co-creation, co-responsibility and collective ownership of the decision-making.
-Efficiency in our tasks and Jobs.
-Communication and integration between different parts of our organization.
-Full transparency with safety and trust between team members.

Sociocracy is a design system that makes these goals reachable. Its dynamic governance principles and consent based decision making processes involve every one in the organization’s decision-making processes; their voices matter equally. It is inspired by the Quakers, Cybernetics and Nature’s way of maintaining balance. It was developed in The Netherlands, first at an alternate school where the children’s learning space was governed in the spirit of partnership, and later at an electrical engineering company set up as an intentional management science laboratory. For-profit corporations, NGOs, schools, religious groups, communities, and networks in Europe, North and South America, and a few places in Oceania, Africa and Asia, including India, now successfully use it.

We will be having a five day workshop from May 4th TO 8th , 2016 at Jaipur. Since the concept is new for some people we have decided to offer two introductory talks on it in different parts of the city so people can get a taste of it and make an informed choice about attending the five day workshop. These introductory sessions are free and there is no entry contribution to it.

April 6th, 2016 from 5 pm to 7.30 pm at Startup Oasis – RIICO Software Complex,
EPIP, Sitapura Industrial Area,
Jaipur- 302022, Rajasthan (India)

April 11th 2016, 5 pm to 7.30 pm at B-234 Janta Colony, Adarsh Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan (Near Pink Square Mall)

About the Facilitator: Shammi Nanda has been working on Nonviolent Communication(NVC) and sharing it all over India for the last five years. He has been searching for systems and processes which can allow genuine collaboration in our organisations and found Sociocracy as the most effective and inclusive system. For the last two years. He has been learning and sharing Sociocracy in his communities and is passionate about bringing it to the people in South Asia. He has worked with John Buck who and has been working on Sociocracy for the last 3 decades. Shammi and John are working with people from varied areas of interest and regions of Inida to form a Sociocracy India Network. John is founder of the The Sociocratic Consulting Group(TSCG) in US, which will be now supporting the upcoming Sociocracy consultants in India. To know more about them and Sociocracy see

Financial Contribution: The workshop is offered on sliding scale from Rs 5,000 to 10,000 or more. You can choose to pay whatever is comfortable in the given range. It will go to support the facilitator, paying for other organizing cost for the event and compensate for the payment of those who find it challenging to pay the minimum amount. We believe that as we learn and grow together we take care of all those who offer us their gifts while also fostering a spirit of care for all the people in our communities. 

At the same time, it is important for us that money is not a barrier for some one to attend this workshop. If you find it challenging to pay the minimum amount please feel free to click on the option for it in the registration form, and we will call you to find ways where were can support each other, with or without money.

To hear people who have attended the Sociocracy workshop with Shammi and John Buck see films at

To watch a short intro on Sociocracy see

To join FB page ‘Sociocracy India’, which is hosted by Shammi see

For registration to the workshop go to –

Look forward to see you at the event.

Hosting Team

Shammi Nanda

Piyush Bansal (Learning Curve Institute)

Chintan Bakshi (Startup Oasis)

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Compassionate Communication Workshop at Jaipur

Dear All,

Welcome to a two day workshop based on works of Marshall B Rosenberg on Nonviolent Communication(NVC) by Shammi Nanda in Jaipur on 2nd and 3rd April, 2016.

Commpasionate Communication Piyush Poster

​What does it mean to be compassionate in our day to day engagements? Can we connect with people even when they are saying or doing things that challenge us? How can we have inner peace even when the world does not go the way we want it to be? how can we make relations with our partner our child, our parents more authentic and caring? – Welcome to these two days in Jaipur where we will explore this and many more questions and find ways to live with compassion in very concrete and real ways with Nonviolent Communication(NVC).

NVC support us to Create a world where we can express genuinely while holding care for other people, in a language devoid of any blame or shame. It is connected to a deeper spirituality of universal oneness and give us tools and techniques to live that consciousness in our day to day life.

To know more about NVC go to and

The workshop will be a combination of learning about concepts of NVC and Experiential learning from  our day to day situations trough role plays.

About the Facilitator: Shammi belongs to Jaipur and for the last twelve years he has been travelling and working with communities and groups engaging with sustainable life practices. He is also deeply engaged with Nonviolent Communication, Conflict Resolution and Collaborative Decision Making Systems and has been sharing it all over the country and outside. To know more about his see his blog at and his FB page at

Your contributions and the spirit of Gift: The workshop is offered as a gift to the community and you are free to choose how you want to support Shammi. To know more about some of his dreams and the support that he is looking for see

Food: You are requested to bring your vegetarian tiffin for a potluck lunch and are welcome to share your lunch with other participants of the workshop!

Support for bringing children to the venue. The workshop is open to all ages, as long as the person finds it interesting enough to sit there. If you have a smaller child who will not want to sit in the workshop and it’s a challenge for you to leave them home and you would want to bring them here, please call us up at +91- 77 3807 8222. We can try to offer a space where children can hang out and possibly do their stuff. If you want to bring someone to help to take care of the kids that’s also fine with us. But please confirm with us before you decide to bring children with you.

If you are coming from outside Jaipur to attend the workshop and would like to have support in finding a place for staying here, we will try to support you by either hosting in friends places or suggesting guest houses to stay around. Please write to us or call to discuss it with Piyush at  77 3807 8222

Venue:  B-234 Janta Colony, Adarsh Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan (Near Pink Square Mall)

Timing: 10 am to 5 pm.

For registration go to

The workshop is co-hosted by Learning Curve Institute, Jaipur.


Shammi Nanda

Piyush Bansal(Learning Curve Institute)

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