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Mediation Support from AhimsaGram

Are you stuck in a conflict with some one which is taking away your peace of mind?
Would you like mediation support to build an understanding and transform the relationship with the other person/s?
If yes, and if you think the other person might be open to have mediation support, you can contact Ahimsagram.
We wish to support people to find non violent ways of living and communicating and we have a panel of people with us who are experienced in mediation.
Finances for the mediation will be decided based a conversation about your the financial capabilities of the people asking for mediation and other ways that they can support Ahimsagram or their mediators. We have kept it flexible so this offer is available to as many people as we can support and not essentially restricted by their financial resources.
To contact us, write to or call +91-9486083163.
To know more about us see our site at and our fb page at
Shammi Nanda

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When you work with some, ask them how do they ‘fight’?

If I want anyone to work with me and see if they are the right fit for our organisation, I would want to know and understand how do they respond when conflicts have happens in their community/organisation in the past. A willingness to engage and understand each other and stretching your self in such moments makes it possible for the communities or organisations to thrive. A much more appreciable thing for me would be if some one also works towards creating systems for challenging conversation and addressing conflicts in their group.
I say this as I see conflict as a natural thing and those who deny this natural part of their self at individual or organisation level are in some illusions and are doomed for creating personal and collective disasters.
I have been facing some of these situations at our organisation, Ahimsagram as I didn’t make agreements on ways of dealing with conflicts when people joined Ahimsagram or as partners and ended up with some who want to hide or block when there is a conflict.

Of course our learning about dealing with conflicts in our society is very limited. A big challenge is also having safe spaces for conflicts to emerge in them and that is some thing that has to happen at a systemic level in any group of people who come together to  create some thing.

Below is a Mural on a wall in Mission Street in San Francisco. Glad to see such deep wisdom displayed on the walls by the artists there. IMG_2134.jpg

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Control and Command to distributed Authority with Holacracy

At the moment I am living and contributing at Ahimsagram in Jaipur, which began as a community space for people with a shared desire to live, learn and Share NVC and collaborative systems like sociocracy and holacracy , while living sustainably. We began in April 2017 with Sociocracy as our governance system and now are moving to  Holacracy as a method for our governance, or rather we are in a live Holacracy ‘Experiment’ right now.  I am not sure how well it will work but as of now its promising as well as super challenging at the same time. Its supposed to be a system which encourages distribution of authority and does not have managers who manage people but each person has a domain and accountability which is meant to be clearly spelt out and they take charge of their decisions, while being connected to the common vision and purpose of the organisation.


Introducing Holacracy is a tedious process and it does not have to happen all in one go, as we move on we naturally face problems, which in Holacracy is referred to as a ‘tension’ – a gap between what you want and where you are. It’s like an eco-system where the feedback moves within and among organisms(plants, animals, humans, elements of nature) and each part responds to the shifts by doing what they are meant to do. There is on one boss in a forest which directs the forest but still things move on, with each entity as a managing themselves in accordance with the shared purpose and make the system resilient. It’s because it is in the DNA of the entity or being to meet the overall purpose by taking care of their particular roles and accountabilities.

Creating our social DNA

Now, when humans have to organise in organisations and businesses, we don’t have a DNA like the being in the forest which allows us to know and do our accountability or in others words have underdeveloped systems for collaboration. This is because our ideas of what’s possible and what’s not has been shaped by the belief systems of the society. If we live in fear we want to hide things and share it selectively, we assume that people are not to be trusted so we want to control and as well as  command the whole situation and not letting people act out their own roles with their power and creativity which stops them from growing. I have learnt that if we want to create collaborative organisation, the leaders have to unlearn their desire to save the organisation by jumping in at each crisis and attempting to fix it. As a founder of this space I have unneccesary done a lot of it, by taking the role of saviour and jump into every fight and force a solution rather than let the fight evolve so that the participants find their own answers with the given content and processes.It is important to create a systems where tensions can be harvested at the earliest. This way the person who experiences a tension comes forward to solve it. I am now learning that we can have a great dynamic growth if we can hold the space for tensions and let people take charge of their tensions. It reminds me of Dominic who intiaited the Restorative Circles process in Brazil uses the phrase “unravelling the gift of conflict”.


Yet at the same time it takes time to set up the system and every one falls back into the standard patterns of centralised command and control organisation, either as an authority or as a receiver.If a farmer is doing chemical farming for 20 to 30 years  and then they start doing something totally new, like creating an eco-system of farming,  it needs work to create a different atmosphere and processes. In Organic farming, the farmer began’s to rely on different elements of nature to let them do their role and begins to collaborate with them. The ants, bats, snakes and owls are seen as friends and entrusted to do their job. When we use chemical farming the first intervention is to put fertilisers which makes the soil acidic and kills all life which was earlier fertilising the soil. As a result when there is no living beings the whole job of fertilising is now to be done by more inputs from the farmer each year.  So when I came from a traditional control and command system, I wanted to make sure everything works perfect, there was a fear of failure so I became a ‘perfectionist’ in my own way, raising the bar for myself and making my own life difficult and some time that of others also even more painful.Instead of reling on the inherent creative potential the control and comand manager tends to impose their methods which distance the team members from taking initiative and as a result the manager has to put more and more inputs just as a farmer using chemical fertilizers has to increase the inputs each year. I do see that there were some met needs like we did ‘achieve’ a lot by having control and command energy but it seems some people stopped initiating things or worst is they came from past where there initiative was mocked or criticised so they were scared to come up with ideas, or it was not part of their agenda to trust themselves. So the so called people in power and those disempowered had set roles. Holacracy tries to break these roles in a way it has a  spirit of communism in action for me at this moment, may be tomorrow I might have a different opinion of it.

IMG_3552 (1)

So there is something in the system where, which Quakers  thought that everybody has the divine light, and that’s another kind of spirituality that we are talking about that every human being has the ‘anhad’, the unbounded potential and how can we have systems like, every seed has the same power to meet its purpose of life.

In this each element and player has a role, Like tagore said that freedom cannot happen to just one flower, the whole garden or forest has to bloom then there is freedom. Holacratic systems by setting up such process which bring in equivalence and transparency along with movement of feedbacks and distributed authority is also able to create an effective system. I am seeing the taste of this effectiveness and ease at moments and yet the challenge of learning, introducing and parcticing now processes which call for new habits and patterns. I will later on draw a comaparison between our control and command belief systems and habits with those that we need to bring in our lives to make systems like Holacracy work.

To know more about Holacracy go to

Thanks to Parul agarwal and Hemshree Jain for organising the Blog Post.

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Looking for support to join the International Intensive Training(IIT) of Nonviolent Communicaton(NVC) in Srilanka. 

Dear Friends, There is an IIT happening from July 26 to August 4, 2017, in Srilanka and I intend to join it. The learning from here will deepen my understanding of NVC and support me in my work on sharing NVC back home. I have been offering NVC and this time I just want to go in a place where I can focus on my deepening of NVC. To know more about the program see

I am writing this to seek financial support of Rs 43,000 (670 US$) to Join it and would like to share why being here is important for me. This would cover my travel and contribution for the program. I am sharing my expense sheet  for transparency,   If you need any clarification please write to me at

This IIT is  special for me not just for the trainers who are coming but I have a sense of connection with the Srilanka NVC community as I have been there twice to offer NVC trainings and I would be knowing a lot of people coming for the IIT. I would like people in this subcontinent to make alliance and support each other. See more about my sharing in Srilanka at, and


Sharing NVC with Ben, Ramanusha, Fazal, Sivantha and Priya

I also appreciate the work of Jim and Jory, especially their Matrix about ‘Pathways to Liberation’. I have grown a lot in my nvc practice after seeing this work. I have heard a lot about them and would like to spend time with them.

I have learnt a lot from Katherine, especially on engaging with power and moving away from power over to power with. I have also learnt valuable work from her on healing old pain and have offered it to support other people.

I also feel connected to Ramanusha, as we have offered NVC trainings together where she was a co trainer and translation support and we share the vision of bringing NVC to people from all sections of the society and those in conflict situation. I have lot to learn from her on this kind of work as she is experienced with sharing NVC in areas of conflict.

srilanka group

Sharing NVC at farm, hosted by Trudy and Sion. 

Sabine, is also coming, who is working on community supported certification processes, which is also my interest as I have been working on challenges that arise from degrees and certification while want to create more wholesome ways for evaluating  the knowledge, skills and integrity of people who share NVC and the way they do it. Besides I have shared platform with her and co-facilitated Restorative Circles.

We also have Dunia Hategekimana from Rwanda. I see that I would like to understand how he sees the context of his regions and how it impacts his ways of sharing and practicing NVC and its form. I see a sense of shared past with Africa, and this is the first time I would be meeting a person from Africa and of colour who is a certified NVC trainer and would like to know about his challenges.

I would also like to share with the people there about the work that Ahimsagram is doing in India and want to invite people to be with us. Besides, we are also offering a training with Miki Kashtan in Jan 2018 on Transforming Organisations Through Collaborative Processes, and I would like to share about the offering so they can understand better in order to make an informed choice about joining us. This will also deepen the learning of NVC in this region and build stronger bonds.


Once you transfer the money or want to transfer it, please write to me at my mail id

You could transfer the money through Paytm at +91-9486083163 or

to my bank account here:

Acct Holder: Shammi Nanda, 

Bank & Branch Name: ICICI Bank, Johari Bazaar, Jaipur

Acc No.: 031501000505


PAN Card No.: ACTPN8435D

Looking forward to the needed support from those who have a shared vision with me and would like to see it flourish and would like to contribute to make it happen.
Shammi Nanda

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Reflections from Urmila Samson on ‘Growing in Freedom’

I would be offering a webinar from 7 pm to 8.30 pm IST on 3rd June, 2017, where I will be in conversation with my dear friend Urmila Samson around the idea parenting where we grow ALONG with our children and enjoy this journey, with all its ups and downs. To know more about the event and register go to,

I am sharing a note from Urmila which is the inspiration of the webinar and could also become the points of discussion for the webinar.


“Have you ever thought what it would be like if you had never been to school? And hold that thought. Have you ever thought what it would be like if you were not taught any school curriculum at home either? No tests, no exams, no text books, no assessments or report cards…bags, time table, homework…

Imagine if you got to choose everything – when to sleep, when to wake up, what to eat, what to play…Sounds impossible doesn’t it? Well, this is exactly how my children spent their childhood. And millions of families around the world have made a conscious decision to not send their children to school.

The idea I present to you today is my version of unschooling called Whole Being Learning.

And the reason I think it is an idea worth sharing is in the hope that some of these unschooling practices can show what good education can be, and throw some light on myriad, I would like to say infinite learning possibilities.


What is Homeschooling: One way of going about this is homeschooling. One or both parents teach the child curriculum that they feel is most appropriate for their child, in ways that are suited to their child. The child is prepared for a board exam of their choice and suitability and they apply for colleges according to their chosen field of interest. They can wake up at leisure, have interesting conversations about everything happening in their lives and their thoughts, a loving parent designs a time table around their hobbies and interests, fitting in the studies which they teach their child knowing their individual learning styles. They have plenty of time for sports, music, art, play, creativity…and no time is wasted in doing things that are not relevant to them personally, for example, pages of homework writing or memorizing things that don’t really need to be written or memorized.

What is Unschooling: Another way of going about it is Unschooling. Unschooling children are raised in complete freedom to live their childhood without imposition of adults. They remain integrated – body, mind and spirit – without being distracted by what other people feel is better for them. When they are small, there is no curriculum, no studies, no assessments and examinations, no stress on learning reading, writing and mathematics. Unschooling parents are in a place of ‘not knowing’. We do not know what the future holds, we do not know our children better than they know themselves, we do not know how to educate them best. We trust that if there is minimal fragmentation through imposition from outside, that their inner wisdom will get a chance to grow and blossom. Unschoolers do not necessarily sit board exams or go on to college. As they grow, they may turn to academics which may or may not result in some of them going on to do exams and applying for college. The hope is that with or without degrees and higher education they will not take up jobs and professions that take the earth towards ecological disaster, but will do work, initiate social entrepreneurships or NGOs that bring the desired changes. We hope that they will create jobs for many many people in the areas where change is required.

There are several reasons why I would not send my children to even the best schools, four of them are:

Imagination: Our children spent their early years in pretend games, indoors when it was too hot outside, and outdoors when it was cooler. Except one summer when they spent the hot afternoons collecting dry grass to light fires. (Never quite understood that!)   They planted trees with their father, played in mounds of sand and earth during house expansion, indoors the boys built cities out of wooden blocks and tiny cars, while my daughter built forests out of bedsheets, dupattas, stuffed animals and dolls…We didn’t ask them to ‘put their toys away’. These were not toys. These were ongoing, never ending alternate realities which gave free reign to their imaginations.

Everything in existence, tangible: roads, lights, sky scrapers, aeroplanes…and intangible: socio-political, legal, economic…systems as well as our thought patterns have been created by our minds. So everything tangible and intangible can be destroyed, modified or completely reimagined by our minds!

yoga nidra

Inner Voice: The outside world tells us when to sleep, when to wake up, what to eat, when to learn and what to learn…and of course the only way to earn. And all the time our body, mind and spirit is telling us something else, and that voice becomes softer and softer till it finally gives up and goes away. Our own inner guidance goes away, leaving us fragmented. This is what we need to be afraid of. Not about the fact that our children are failing exams, or not getting into Ivy League colleges.

Deschooling the Self: I am often asked if I was ever afraid. Yes, often! There was a time when my boys played video games 24×7 for around five or more years. I was hysterical with fear. I got depressed. I thought I’d made the biggest mistake of my life that was beyond repair! Every unschooling parent reaches a turning point like this; when it becomes less and less about the children and all about the journey to the centre of the self; coming face to face with our own limitations, conditioning and deepest existential fears. At first I went the normal route: telling, explaining, scolding, nagging, manipulating, bullying, being firm, strict…Nothing worked. This forced me to sit in the fire and face myself, my wounds, my shadows, my behavior, thoughts and emotions. This process is often referred to as deschooling the self.

New eyes: Once I embarked on my inner journey to know myself, I began to see my children and the world with new eyes. I could understand my emotions better, so I was no longer consumed by them. I could understand my emotions better so I could understand their emotions and other people’s emotions better.

Whole Being Learning: Most unschoolers do not agree with the term ‘unschooling’. Everyone comes up with different words like Learning all the time, Life Learning, World Schooling, Free Range Learning… I call it Whole Being Learning, which in brief refers to integration or non fragmentation of the whole being – Mind Body Spirit, head, heart and hands.

My sons showed me a You Tube video a few years ago – Humans Need Not Apply – because robots are going to take over all the jobs and professions just as machines took over jobs of labourers in the past. During the next decade things are going to change even faster and more drastically than in the past decade. We need to raise children who are emotionally resilient, imaginative and creative with well developed minds as well as practical skills to deal with the turbulent times ahead. Plus dollops of humour and compassion!”


-Reflections from Urmila Samson for the AhimsaGram Webinar on ‘Growing With Freedom’. Join us at 7 pm to 8.30 pm IST on 3rd June, 2017.






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Compassionate Parenting – Connecting Parents & Children

Welcome to a workshop space to help children understand their parents better and build deep connection with them, or to supporting parents/caregivers to work on their relationship with children. This workshop is meaningful for both parents as well as children.

30 & 31 July 2016.
10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

VENUE: Uday Waldorf Inspired School of Jaipur,, 3 Shiv Marg, Madrampura, Civil Lines, Near Civil Lines Metro Station, Jaipur 302006, India


The intention is to create a world where children/young adults and parents/caregivers hold relationships of strong trust and friendship with each other through their ways of communication.

The workshop is inspired by the works of Marshall B Rosenberg on Nonviolent Communication(NVC) , facilitated by Shammi Nanda and supported by Kunal, Uditima and Bhushan.

Can we aspire to a world where children/ young adults and parents experience strong trust and friendship with each other? Where both enjoy sharing the celebrations from their life, and feel safe sharing their challenges too. Where either the child or the parent feel safe to say ‘No’ when an agreement does not serve them, and they are curious to hear the beautiful needs behind their ‘No’. Where the family members can have open and deep conversations even while holding different worldviews. Or, even when things go wrong and there is deep hurt or pain, they are able to listen to each other and work towards restoration – Welcome to this workshop in Jaipur where we will explore this and many more questions and find ways to live with compassion in very concrete and real ways with Nonviolent Communication(NVC).

NVC can support us in creating a world where we can express genuinely while holding care for other people, in a language devoid of any blame or shame. It connects us to a deeper spirituality of universal oneness and give us tools and techniques to live that consciousness in our day to day life.

To know more about NVC go to and

The workshop is a combination of learning the concepts of NVC and Experiential learning from our day to day situations through role plays.
Registration link at the end!

About the Facilitator: Shammi belongs to Jaipur and for the last twelve years he has been travelling and working with communities and groups engaging with sustainable life practices. He is also deeply engaged with Nonviolent Communication, Conflict Resolution and Collaborative Decision Making Systems and has been sharing it all over the country and outside. To know more about hm visit
His blog at His FB page at

Kunal, Bhushan & Uditima will be supporting Shammi in holding the space & workshop.
Co-hosts at AhimsaGram, they’re enjoying their journey of living, learning & sharing NVC & Sociocracy.
They bring along with them a wide-eyed curiosity & enthusiasm for the world, its communities & the gits they hold.

Financial Contribution
For ages 21 & below, the workshop is offered as gift culture/pay as your heart’s wish, & for ages above it’s offered on a sliding scale from Rs 5,000 to 2,000. You can choose to pay whatever is comfortable in the given range. It will go to support Ahimsagram, which is now a center for learning and sharing such modalities. It will also pay for other organizing costs for the event and compensate for the payment of those who find it challenging to pay the minimum amount. We believe that as we learn and grow together we take care of all those who offer us their gifts while also fostering a spirit of care for all the people in our communities.
At the same time, if you find it challenging to pay the minimum amount please feel free to click on the option for it in the registration form and we will call you to find ways where were can support each other, with or without money.

AhimsaGram is also working on ‘conscious kitchen’ and will be providing wholesome and healthy Vegetarian lunch, snacks & juices.

Bhushan Patil, Director Food, Nutrition & Kitchen Operations at AhimsaGram, will be managing the health, deliciousness & deliverance of the wholesome food that’ll be served throughout these workshops.
He’s enjoying the experimental space & energy of the AhimsaGram kitchen, & is always excited to share & spread his love & food!

Support for bringing children to the venue. This workshop are open to all ages, as long as the person finds it interesting enough to sit there. If you have a smaller child who might want more free space,and it’s a challenge for you to leave them at home and you would want to bring them here, We have a space where children can hang out, play & be free. If you want to bring someone to help to take care of the kids that’s also fine with us.
Please call us up at +91- 9425416058, before taking the decision of bringing children along with you.

If you are coming from outside Jaipur to attend the workshop and would want residential support for a place in the city,, we will try to support you by either hosting you in friend’s homes or suggesting guest houses to stay around. Please write to us at our id or call to discuss it.

The workshop is hosted by AhimsaGram and Uday-Waldrof Inspired School, Jaipur.

Uday is born out of the need to have a school that provides wholesome education in Jaipur, to address the needs of a growing child and fulfil the real role of education.
The school is based on Waldorf pedagogy which offers a true , tested education & follows a curriculum that aims to educate the child wholly: physically, spiritually ,emotionally & intellectually, through imaginative play, meaningful work & expressive arts in a natural environment.

To register here for this workshop:

The workshop is hosted by AhimsaGram and Uday-Waldrof Inspired School, Jaipur.

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करुणामय परवरिश कार्यशाला, जयपुर, 30-31 जुलाई 2016

आपका स्वागत है करुणामय परवरिश की कार्यशाला में जिसमे बच्चे अपने माता -पिता को बेहतर तरीके से समझ पाए एवं माता पिता अपने बच्चो को साथ गहरे रिश्ते बना पाए | यह कार्यशाला बच्चो एवं माता -पिता दोनों के लिए उपयुक्त है |


इस कार्यशाला का उद्देश्य एक एसी दुनिया बनाना है जहा संवाद के द्वारा माता -पिता /देखभाल करने वाले एवं बच्चे /वयस्क के बीच सच्चे एवं मजबूत रिश्ते बने | यह कार्यशाला अहिंसक संवाद (Nonviolent Communication) पर मार्शल बी रोसेनबर्ग के काम से प्रेरित, शम्मी नंदा द्वारा कुणाल एवं उदितिमा के सहयोग से आयोजित होगी।

क्या हम एसी दुनिया की आकांशा कर सकते है जहा बच्चे /वयस्क और माता-पिता सच्चे एवं मजबूत रिश्ते तथा एक दुसरे के साथ दोस्ती का अनुभव कर सके?? जहा दोनों एक दुसरे के साथ अपनी खुशियों को बाटकर आनंदित हो सके | जहा बच्चे या पेरेंट्स, किसी बात से सहमत न होने पर ‘ना’ कहने के लिए अपने आप को स्वत्रंत महसूस कर सके | और उस न के पीछे की खुवसुरत जरुरत को सुनने के लिए उत्सुक हो |जहा परिवार के सभी सदस्य, अलग-अलग वेष्बिक नजरिया होने के बावजूद भी खुली एवं गहरी बातचीत कर सके | यहां तक कि जब कोई बात बिगड़ जाए और गहरा दर्द हो तब वे एक दूसरे को सुनने के लिए सक्षम हो और रिश्ते को पूर्वस्थिति में लाने का प्रयास करें| जयपुर में इस कार्यशाला में आपका स्वागत है जहा हम इस तरह के सवालो के जबाव एवं अहिंसक संवाद के साथ करुणामय जीवन जीने के तरीके खोजेंगे |

अहिंसक संवाद (NVC) एक एसी दुनिया बनाने में मदद करता है , जहां हम अपनी बात को दूसरो का ख़याल रखते हुए, दोष और अपमान रहित भाषा में व्यक्त कर सकते है | यह सार्वभौमिक एकता की एक गहरी आध्यात्मिकता से जुड़ा है और हमें एसे साधन और तरीके देता है जो हमारे दैनिक जीवन में इस चेतना को बनाये रखने में मदद करता है|

अहिंसक संवाद (NVC) के बारे में अधिक जानकारी के लिए क्लिक करे

अहिंसक संवाद (NVC) की ये कार्यशाला अहिंसक संवाद के सिद्धांतो तथा दैनिक अनुभव की अवधारणाओं के सम्मिश्रण को सीखने मे किया गया एक छोटा सा प्रयास रहेगा|

फैसिलिटेटर के बारे में – शम्मी जयपुर के रहने वाले है और पिछले बारह वर्षों से यात्रा करते हुए विभिन्न समुदाओ के साथ सस्टेनेबल लिविंग पर काम कर रहे है | शम्मी का अहिंसक संवाद, झगड़ों के समाधान तथा सामूहिक निर्णय लेने की प्रणाली मे काफ़ी गहरी पकड़ है| और अपनी इस पकड़ को देश में तथा देश के बाहर पंहुचाने में शम्मी ने अपना योगदान दिया है|
शम्मी के बारे में अधिक जानकारी के लिए-
फेसबुक पेज

कुणाल और उदितिमा इन कार्यशालाओं के आयोजन में शम्मी का मदद करेंगे|
अहिन्साग्राम मे सह मेजबान के रूप में कुणाल और उदितिमा भी अपने जीवन की यात्रा का आनंद ले रहे हैं, तथा अहिंसक संवाद एवं सर्वजनतन्त्र (Sociocracy) को सीखकर दुनिया को देना चाहते है| ये दोनो एक व्यापक जिज्ञासा एवं उत्साह के साथ दुनिया के लिए कुछ करना चाहते है|

शुल्क योगदान- उम्र 21 या उससे कम के लिए कार्यशाला शुल्क इच्छानुसार तथा 21 से अधिक उम्र के प्रत्येक व्यक्ति के लिए प्रत्येक कार्यशाला शुल्क 2000 से 5000 के बीच आपकी क्षमता के अनुसार है | आपका राशि सहयोग फैसिलिटेटर के सपोर्ट , वर्कशॉप के आयोजन एवं ऐसे लोगो के सपोर्ट में भी जायेगा जो वर्कशॉप की पूर्ण राशी देने में असमर्थ है | अगर इसके वावजूद आप न्यूनतम शुक्ल देने मे असमर्थ हो तो रजिस्ट्रेशन फार्म मे स्पष्ट कर सकते है | हम आपको कॉल करेंगे तथा मिलकर ऐसे तरीके खोजने का प्रयास करेंगे जिससे आप हमें बिना पैसो के भी अन्य प्रकार से सहयोग कर सके |

भोजन व्यवस्था- अहिंसाग्राम में हम स्वास्थवर्धक भोजन पर ध्यान देते है | वर्कशॉप में अहिंसाग्राम के द्वारा आरोग्यपूर्ण शाकाहारी भोजन और नाश्ता दिया जावेगा |
अहिंसाग्राम किचन डायरेक्टर भूषण पाटिल, आरोग्यपूर्ण भोजन में माहिर है और वे पूरी वर्कशॉप के दौरान आरोग्यपूर्ण भोजन देगे. वे अहिंसाग्राम मे प्रयोगत्मक भोजन बनाने का आनन्द लेते है और वे उत्साहित है की अपना प्रेम और भोजन आप सभी के साथ बाटे |


कार्यशाला में बच्चे – यह कार्यशाला सब उम्र के लोगो के लिए है | अगर आपका बच्चा है और आपको उसको घर छोड़ने मे किसी प्रकार की असुबिधा हो तो आप आपके बच्चे को साथ मे ला सकते हो| हम हमारी ओर से स्वतंत्र एवम् खेलने योग्य वातावरण प्रदान करने में मदद करेंगे | आपकी ओर से बच्चे की देखभाल हेतु कोई आना चाहे तो वो भी आ सकता है |

कृपया बच्चे को वर्कशॉप में लाने से पहले हमें कॉल कर के सूचित करें -9425416058

अगर आप कार्यशाला में भाग लेने के लिए जयपुर के बाहर से आ रहे हैं और यहाँ रहने के लिए एक जगह खोजने हमारी मदद चाहते हैं, तो हमें कॉल कर के सूचित करे | हम दोस्तों के होस्टिंग स्थानों या आसपास रहने के लिए गेस्ट हाउस को ढूंढने में आपकी मदद कर सकते है |

यह कार्यशाला अहिंसाग्राम और उदय – वाल्डोर्फ प्रेरित स्कूल, जयपुर द्वारा होस्ट की है|
वर्कशॉप स्थल :

उदय – वाल्डोर्फ प्रेरित स्कूल,
3 शिव मार्ग, मद्रामपुरा, सिविल लाइंस, सिविल लाइंस मेट्रो स्टेशन के पास , जयपुर 302006
उदय-वाल्डोर्फ से प्रेरित स्कूल की उत्पत्ति जयपुर में एक पूर्ण शिक्षा की जरुरत को देखते हुए हुई| इसका मकसद बढते हुए बच्चो की जरूरतों को ध्यान में रखते हुए वास्तविक शिक्षा की भूमिका को पूरा करना है|

ये स्कूल वाल्डोर्फ के शिक्षा विज्ञान पर आधारित है, जो एक सच्ची एवं परिक्षण की हुई शिक्षा प्रदान करता है, एवं ऐसे पाठ्यक्रम का पालन करता है जिसका मकसद प्राकृतिक वातावरण में कल्पनाशील खेलो, सार्थक कामो और अर्थपूर्ण कला के माध्यम से बच्चो का शारीरिक, मानसिक, आध्यात्मिक, बौद्धिक एवं भावनात्मक रूप से विकास करना है|

रजिस्ट्रेशन के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करे :

वर्कशॉप स्थल :
उदय – वाल्डोर्फ प्रेरित स्कूल,
3 शिव मार्ग, मद्रामपुरा, सिविल लाइंस, सिविल लाइंस मेट्रो स्टेशन के पास , जयपुर 302006

दिनांक: 30-31 जुलाई 2016
समय: प्रात:10:00 बजे से सायं 5:00 बजे तक

हिंदी अनुवाद : शिवालक्ष्मी पार्वती गौड़, सहयोग – सम्यक आर्य

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