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The posters and Flyers for my events. Will give you a sense of diversity of my work.

Being Me Loving You, Istanbul

Spent two days sharing NVC – ‘Being me Loving You’ with Vivet Alevi in Istanbul. Enjoyed working with her and learnt a lot from her and the group.

Some of my learnings that emerge from the two days are –

# Its important to take time in self connection before you try to empathise with some one in the moment of trigger.

‪#‎Listening‬ to our judgements and meditatively seeing the needs behind them can even transform them into sweet longings. If I go deeper i can even even see why is this need so strong me, it can even take me to some past wound which affects my present experience of the situation. This path of inquiry is an opportunity for me to heal my self from my past wounds.


‪#‎When‬ ‘me’ and ‘you’ are in a conflict with each other, its not just ‘you’ and ‘me’ but a whole plethora of our life experiences involving so many of our interactions which we had with people and the world around us, thats what has made us largely as who we are and how we experience the world. Remembering this fact can stop us from blaming the person and invite us to travel into their world, and have some wonder for their life. It can also open up our hearts and give us our own valuable inner peace in the same situation. Remember we are all different and unique, and yet we have same feelings and needs. If we can get this it will lead open the doors of empathy.

‪#‎We‬ cant change people but work towards creating a field in which people change themselves.

#We have been formed by the stories and narratives of love and relationships we have heard and we keep putting people in those narratives or want them to fit those narratives and when they don’t there is pain. We can try to get awareness of our narratives, and have drishta bhav(the observer sate) towards those narratives.


‪#‎If‬ we want real peace, we need to learn to have loving and caring ‘fights’.

‪#‎Welcome‬ our needs as a special guest and see them as a divine life energy.

‪#‎Surrender‬ from a place of fear is different from surrender from a place of safety and trust. The latter is empowering.

‪#‎Each‬ one of us has our own meaning of words and concepts, its important we slow down to find out what the word means to each of us, especially when we are triggered.

#When I am in a disagreement with some one, thats still liveable, but when i think that the other person is wrong because they think or see differently thats when the disagreements become hurtful and painful for me and for others.


Was also happy to see the deep work that is happening in Turkey with Vivet’s year long program and other offerings. I see a strong NVC community is building up here. Thanks Vivet for including me in your world.

To know more about her see her blog at


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Offering on Making Conscious Food Choices with an Indian Meal

Making food choices compassionately

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Living Courageously and Compassionately

This workshop is based on the principals of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) developed by Marshall Rosenberg. 

During these two days, we’ll practice communicating authentically in a way that the others can see our care for them and which makes it easier for them to hear our messages and connect with us. 

We will also develop our muscles to hear statements of blame, attack and judgments by focusing on other person’s pain or their feelings and needs. We learn to do this without giving up on what is important for us or ‘giving in’ to their strategies, unless we are in agreement with them. Thus, it gives us the capacity to connect with people expressing difficult to hear messages while allowing us to maintain our own inner peace.

In our workplaces or with our loved ones, if we are operating from habitual patterns of Domination or Submission and this workshop will support us to move towards creating Partnership Paradigm in these spaces with people around us. 

Besides we will also look at ways of expressing our gratitude that touches other people deeply.

This workshop will support us to do the above mentioned things by showing us how to express the following:
• Observations instead of interpretations
• Our authentic feelings and needs instead of blame and demand /defense and attack, 
• How to make clear do-able requests 

We will explore these ideas together as a group, with dialogues, role plays and real life situations. The whorkshops will be facilitated by Shammi Nanda, to know about him go to
To know more about NVC go to to and 

For Financial Contributions see

The lunch will be potluck and you are welcome to bring whatever you would like to offer to the community

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A Workshop on Compassionate Communication for Connecting with our Children and Parents

Inviting parents/care takers and children to

A workshop  on Compassionate Communication for connecting with our Children and Parents

Date May 11th and 12th , 2014

Venue: Near Empress Garden

Timings: 10 am to 5 pm.

 This workshop is based on the principals of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) developed by Marshall Rosenberg.

 The workshop is also open to children and parents and intends to support us in interacting with the other. At some point we can use real life situations to practice our skills and bring in understanding between children and parents present at the workshop. The idea is also to empower children to be able to listen and understand adults and to express themselves fully to them. To also enable them to engage with their peers in more caring and authentic ways.  

 This workshop is designed to make us see cildren as partners  in our parenting journey. As equals  and those who largely have the capacity to decide for themselves what is important for them . Our world is organized in a way that children(especially who are smaller) have very little structural power. We will try to see how we can share that power and build trusting realtions at the same time see that their safety is taken care of.

 We will also try to look at the consequences of seeing human beings in terms of labels of ‘parents’ and ‘children’ too and how it can come in the way of seeing the humanity of all those present.

 We would try to see ways to create deeply authentic connection with our children or parents by exploring some of the following questions:

How to listen, understand and  empathise with our children or parents when they are hurt, in pain or even angry at us?

How to express our intentions behind what we want our children or parents to do, even when they don’t like what we want them to do.

How to  find strategies which hold care for our needs of our children or parents and find appropriate ways to communicate/express to them about these strategies.

How do we talk about values which we want to live by our children or parents,  more so in a  language that they understand?

How do we empathise with our selves when we are out of our resources and doing things to our children or parents which we don’t like to see us doing?

How to reassure to our children or our parents that their needs matter even at the times when you cant find ways to meet them?

How to mediate between children without appearing as taking sides?

How do we make real agreements with our children while hearing all concerned voices?

How do we spaciously and clearly express our gratitude and appreciations to our children or parents when they do stuff that we enjoy?

We will model the workshop based on Nonviolent Communication(NVC), which has specific skills for expressing our selves deeply and honestly as well as understanding the beauty of intention of others no matter what and how they say. It also shows us ways to make clear requests of ourselves and try to decipher those of others even when they are not making them clearly.

We will explore these ideas together as a group, with dialogues, role plays and real life situations. The whorkshops will be facilitated by Shammi Nanda, to know about him go to

 To know more about NVC go to to and

 To know about Financial Contributions for this workshop go to

For Registration go to and we will get back to you.

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ImageOn Saturday-Sunday, March 1-2, Shammi will be hosting a 2-day course LIVING COMPASSIONATELY AND COURAGEOUSLY.

This is an introduction to NVC (Nonviolent Communication). During this two-day workshop, we will learn a different way of communicating, involving expressing ourselves honestly, hearing the deeper message when people speak in a way we don’t appreciate, connecting deeply with ourselves and others, making clear doable requests, learning to hear “No” without hearing rejection, dealing with difficult situations heartfully, finding solutions mutually, communicating through our feelings and needs instead of blame and demand / defence and attack, and expressing gratitude that touches other people deeply.

NVC encompasses all these things and more. We will explore these ideas together as a group, with dialogues, role plays and real life situations.
For more information about NVC go to and and about the host please go to

TIME: 10 am to 5 pm (both days)
Venue: #4, 2nd Floor, G3 Building, Bharathi Nagar Cross Street, Off. L.B. Road, Near Sathya Nilayam, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai – 600041
(Directions: Going South on L.B.Road, you will reach the Thiruvanmiyur traffic signal. Continue going south on L.B.Road. You will see a board saying ‘Bharathi Nagar’. After this point, the road will fork. Take the left one, and make a left turn. It is the second building (three-storeyed) on the right with glass exterior).

We can accommodate 40 adults. Please note that there will be no arrangements for engaging children during the workshop.

Financial Contributions: This is being offered to you in the spirit of Gift Culture, where giving and receiving is seen as sacred and we see ourselves as mutually connected. Your contribution will be received with gratitude and will go towards supporting and nurturing Shammi as he brings his gifts to our communities.


Lunch: We have not arranged for lunch to be catered. We will have a potluck lunch, which means that different participants are requested to bring either cooked dishes, salads or fruits that can then be shared, or your own lunch.

The Kolam has been made by our friend Kokila from Chennai

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