About Shammi Nanda

Shammi Nanda has been working on Nonviolent Communication for more about five years. He has attended various workshops and conventions on NVC and has also been sharing it with friends and communities in India. He has spent four months with Joy Guest House Community, in Auroville,  which was holding NVC practice as one of its intention. This community was hosted by  Laura Joy who is a CNVC certified trainer and has been into NVC for more than 7 years.

He is closely connected to the NVC community in India.

He was also a member of the CNVC appointed committee to look at the certification policy of CNVC for the ‘New Future Process’.

He has been involved in filmmaking and has studied at the Film Institute in Pune, India. Lately, he has shifted his focus into healing which led him into looking for sustainable ways of living through food. While he was working in the film world in Mumbai he developed health issues. This encouraged him to embark upon a healing journey through food and wellness. He began by experimenting with ‘healthier’ ways of cooking then moved on to exploring how our food is grown. He has now been connected with the organic food movement in India for the last five years. He is grateful to the support from Vijaya Venakt ji and Vinita Mansata amongst many others in his healing journey.

This healing journey has made him look at the toxic nature of negative emotions. He discovered in that time that despite eating the healthiest of food, his illnesses were directly related to his emotional state. He discovered NVC as a way of engaging with challenging emotional situations and has now experienced immense freedom in the way he relates to people around him. He says that earlier, when he would go to bed he would have all kinds of negative thoughts. This was the residue from interactions of that day or the past. After working with NVC, he is now able to process negative interactions and see the beauty behind them—which has given him immense peace. He is now keen on sharing his learning with the larger community.

Shammi is closely connected to various sustainability movements and ecological communities all over India. He is closely connected with Shikshantar,www.swaraj.org/shikshantar for about ten years now. He is also part of the learning societies network and is connected to many home schooling and un-schooling families and netwroks across the country. He believes in the movement from ‘power over’ to ‘power with’ in the ways in which we relate in our communities and organizations, that it is not just possible but a more efficient way to relate with one another. He is also working with groups to help set up processes of conflict resolution and transformation in their design itself. He dreams and believes in a world where we can have a wholesome life which is integrated with our natural ecosystems.

He is also working on Sociocracy and has attended a six day workshop with James Priest and in 2016 he has co – facilitated more than five workshops in different part of India with John A Buck who has been working for Sociocracy for more than 30 years and has also co-authored the book, “We the people – consenting for a deeper democracy”. Right now he is working on building the Sociocracy India Network and is training more people to become consultants for Sociocracy in India.


3 responses to “About Shammi Nanda

  1. hey shammi,
    i am happy you are blogging,cause now i can follow your learnings better…good luck i hope this blog reaches out to many more…

    hope to see you in goa again soon:)


  2. Radhika jain

    Interesting … Would like to know more

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