About NVC

Nonviolent Communication(NVC), also known as Compassionate Communication, is an invitation to connect with the inner beauty of ourselves and others and move toward oneness with all beings in our day to day communication.

According to Marshall Rosenberg, who developed NVC, even when people are behaving aggressively, they are only trying to express their deeper needs, however the language they are using is so full of right and wrong of others which makes it difficult for us to hear it.

While on one side NVC allows us to hear other people without blame, it also teaches us to express what we deeply want or our need without sounding like blaming of others. It takes us away from ‘giving in’ or being nice and encourages to express authentically while holding awareness and care for needs of others.

This focus on universal human needs of each other allows us to stay connect with the experience and humanity of the others even in challenging situations.  This in another way enhances our capacity to see the divine in all, including inside us. A similar joy and freedom of that experience is shared by Kabir when he reminds us in ‘Laali mere Laal ki’, where he says that by looking at the divine in the other, is like discovering the redness hidden in the green of the henna leaf. He says that when he experienced that divinity or ‘Laali’ in the other person and he too became all ‘Laal’ or red.

To Know more about NVC go to www.cnvc.org


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