Like to support kitchen waste water recycling project at Ahimsagram?

‘Let Every House Be Like a Tree and the City Like a Forest.’

I had heard this line in a book ‘Cradle to Cradle’. This had set me into creating solutions for sustainable living even in cities and I try to do my little part to live more sustainably, even while I am in a city.

Thus at our community space, Ahimsagram, we are looking for having a system of using our waste water from the kitchen and that from mopping the floor for the vegetable garden. So we requested the owners of our house to allow us to break the kitchen wall to have a new drain which will take allow us to take the water in a tank and later on we can pump it up to rooftop garden and other plants on the ground soil. I am grateful that she also agreed to the proposal.


Kitchen waste water, taken by a motor to the garden.


Now, the next step was that we didn’t want to have detergents in the water we use for the plants, so we also thought of using ash and asked our house help Sonia and Bharati, if they are willing to use it instead of detergent to wash utensils. Often I have heard some people have a notion that its more difficult to clean utensils with ash. I was grateful that they were fine with it, and agreed to use it. So with this solution of saving water by recycling it we will also end up having food without detergents. Its like having one solution creates another solution in the web of life.


Now we will not ingest detergents, one solution leads to another.

When other day we did a trial with a motor the waste water actually came from the pipe and it was very exciting to me and felt as if a child has figured out how a toy works. It was amazing to see water flow, and it was not portable water, but some thing which would have gone down the drain. I realised, with this solution we can reduce our water consumption to one third. Imagine, if our city can do this we will stop taking so much water from the planet and also from the villages whose life is also affected by the extraction from the city. I am amazed at the power and simplicity of the solution. Once we do it successfully in our house I am sure many people will come to us to help them figure out such systems.


The sheer joy of watering the plants and you know its not clean portable water. It was like a dream come true and such solutions can be done at systemic level.

Right now we want to set up a system and get some tanks, a motor and a long pipe to make it work. We are looking for resources and would be glad if some people can offer us Rs 6,000 to create this solution.

If you are excited about this and want to support this venture, please let us know, write to or call Neeraj at 9165603473.


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