Compassionate Parenting – Connecting Parents & Children

Welcome to a workshop space to help children understand their parents better and build deep connection with them, or to supporting parents/caregivers to work on their relationship with children. This workshop is meaningful for both parents as well as children.

30 & 31 July 2016.
10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

VENUE: Uday Waldorf Inspired School of Jaipur,, 3 Shiv Marg, Madrampura, Civil Lines, Near Civil Lines Metro Station, Jaipur 302006, India


The intention is to create a world where children/young adults and parents/caregivers hold relationships of strong trust and friendship with each other through their ways of communication.

The workshop is inspired by the works of Marshall B Rosenberg on Nonviolent Communication(NVC) , facilitated by Shammi Nanda and supported by Kunal, Uditima and Bhushan.

Can we aspire to a world where children/ young adults and parents experience strong trust and friendship with each other? Where both enjoy sharing the celebrations from their life, and feel safe sharing their challenges too. Where either the child or the parent feel safe to say ‘No’ when an agreement does not serve them, and they are curious to hear the beautiful needs behind their ‘No’. Where the family members can have open and deep conversations even while holding different worldviews. Or, even when things go wrong and there is deep hurt or pain, they are able to listen to each other and work towards restoration – Welcome to this workshop in Jaipur where we will explore this and many more questions and find ways to live with compassion in very concrete and real ways with Nonviolent Communication(NVC).

NVC can support us in creating a world where we can express genuinely while holding care for other people, in a language devoid of any blame or shame. It connects us to a deeper spirituality of universal oneness and give us tools and techniques to live that consciousness in our day to day life.

To know more about NVC go to and

The workshop is a combination of learning the concepts of NVC and Experiential learning from our day to day situations through role plays.
Registration link at the end!

About the Facilitator: Shammi belongs to Jaipur and for the last twelve years he has been travelling and working with communities and groups engaging with sustainable life practices. He is also deeply engaged with Nonviolent Communication, Conflict Resolution and Collaborative Decision Making Systems and has been sharing it all over the country and outside. To know more about hm visit
His blog at His FB page at

Kunal, Bhushan & Uditima will be supporting Shammi in holding the space & workshop.
Co-hosts at AhimsaGram, they’re enjoying their journey of living, learning & sharing NVC & Sociocracy.
They bring along with them a wide-eyed curiosity & enthusiasm for the world, its communities & the gits they hold.

Financial Contribution
For ages 21 & below, the workshop is offered as gift culture/pay as your heart’s wish, & for ages above it’s offered on a sliding scale from Rs 5,000 to 2,000. You can choose to pay whatever is comfortable in the given range. It will go to support Ahimsagram, which is now a center for learning and sharing such modalities. It will also pay for other organizing costs for the event and compensate for the payment of those who find it challenging to pay the minimum amount. We believe that as we learn and grow together we take care of all those who offer us their gifts while also fostering a spirit of care for all the people in our communities.
At the same time, if you find it challenging to pay the minimum amount please feel free to click on the option for it in the registration form and we will call you to find ways where were can support each other, with or without money.

AhimsaGram is also working on ‘conscious kitchen’ and will be providing wholesome and healthy Vegetarian lunch, snacks & juices.

Bhushan Patil, Director Food, Nutrition & Kitchen Operations at AhimsaGram, will be managing the health, deliciousness & deliverance of the wholesome food that’ll be served throughout these workshops.
He’s enjoying the experimental space & energy of the AhimsaGram kitchen, & is always excited to share & spread his love & food!

Support for bringing children to the venue. This workshop are open to all ages, as long as the person finds it interesting enough to sit there. If you have a smaller child who might want more free space,and it’s a challenge for you to leave them at home and you would want to bring them here, We have a space where children can hang out, play & be free. If you want to bring someone to help to take care of the kids that’s also fine with us.
Please call us up at +91- 9425416058, before taking the decision of bringing children along with you.

If you are coming from outside Jaipur to attend the workshop and would want residential support for a place in the city,, we will try to support you by either hosting you in friend’s homes or suggesting guest houses to stay around. Please write to us at our id or call to discuss it.

The workshop is hosted by AhimsaGram and Uday-Waldrof Inspired School, Jaipur.

Uday is born out of the need to have a school that provides wholesome education in Jaipur, to address the needs of a growing child and fulfil the real role of education.
The school is based on Waldorf pedagogy which offers a true , tested education & follows a curriculum that aims to educate the child wholly: physically, spiritually ,emotionally & intellectually, through imaginative play, meaningful work & expressive arts in a natural environment.

To register here for this workshop:

The workshop is hosted by AhimsaGram and Uday-Waldrof Inspired School, Jaipur.


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