Why do I crave for my chocolate?

I was at a Conscious Kitchen workshop on organised with Gillie and Raphael at Topsham in UK recently. We had made a nice meal with salads and veggie stews, mung bean pan cakes and much more.

Thats how the town looks as its on an EstuaryWe also had time for a conversation on food where we were looking at food with a need based consciousness. Trying to understand what we eat and why we eat. What all needs are met by food. As we began to explore people were surprised that food was a way to meet so many needs, ranging from health, community, creativity, contribution to other peoples lives, self care and care for others, comfort, love, connection, meaning and purpose, etc.

Conversations: what all needs does food meet for me...

In one of the conversations some one asked me – Why can’t I stop having my chocolate? I was asking her why does she want to have the chocolate at the first place? She said when she is bored and she wants some thing exciting she is attracted to a chocolate. I tried to encourage her to look at the need behind her wanting and see how beautiful the need was. It just came from my mouth – I think you are wanting to live and enjoy life, to celebrate it. As I said it there was a lot of energy on my face and I myself was excited with the idea of some one wanting to celebrate life. She heard it and some thing struck her. She acknowledged that she was looking for a life energy.  She kind of had a moment of wonder and then a gentle smile came on her face as her eyes became moist. That was enough for her that day and her expression had changed. There was lightness in her energy and she was wanting to go deeper into the idea of looking at her deeper needs through the window of food.  I was reminded of how Marshall says that needs are like a divine life energy. We also acknowledged that she was concerned  about her choice of eating a chocolate as she wants health and some kind of power in her world. But this time the energy was different as there was also a celebration in her to have the dream for life. I would say even behind the blame for her craving there was a need for feeling empowered and thats another beautiful life energy. 

Raphaels designing of the salad...

I was once again convinced that  that no matter we do their is a desire to meet a beautiful need behind our actions. Its for us to see how we choose our strategy and which need we want to hold more dearly, which one we want to let go at that moment.  No matter what our choices we can try to enjoy the beauty of the need. 


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