Compassionate Living Retreat : 16 to 20th Jan, 2015, Swaraj University, Udaipur

How would it look like to live in a community where people try to express their feelings very honestly while holding care and empathy for the others, where all the voices in the community matter, where empathy is available in abundance, where we feel fully safe to share our vulnerabilities, and where beauty of the need is seen and felt behind every action.

We invite those who hold this dream and want to try to make it happen, to come to our Compassionate Living Retreat at Swaraj University, Udaipur. It is largely based on the works on Nonviolent Communication (NVC) of Marshall Rosenberg. NVC is a way of being that supports our connection to ‘life energy’ believed to be present in all beings. It encourages us to find resources both internal and external, enough to take care of each person’s needs to live in peace, harmony and joy.

About the workshop:
It will be a living and learning retreat, where our time will be divided by spending some on structured learning and then applying it in our day to day life while we are with each other for the five days. We could also be working in the kitchen garden, cooking our meals, cleaning the place and having lighter moments together.

It’s an opportunity to live as a community, where we will also practice different modalities of decision making and conflict transformation available to us. If everyone consents we will also set up a Restorative System within our retreat community, whereby people can call Restorative Circles to bring up any conflicts that happen during our time there. We will also at times use Sociocracy to make decisions where all voices collaborate to create decisions. And as Dominic Barter says “The closer I am to conflict, the safer I am”, we would, considering the naturalness in a conflict, create support and be containers for holding conflicts…. read more


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