Mindful Gift Culture: Mera Mangal, Tera Mangal, Sabaka Mangal Hoye Re…

Gift Culture: ‘Mera Mangal, Tera Mangal, Sabaka Mangal Hoye Re…’
It is my deepest desire to make the gift of Nonviolent Communication(NVC) accessible to all, regardless of their financial resources. By doing so, we foster a special energy that exists when we share gifts in our communities and nurture each other. Therefore I have been requesting people to consciously choose what they wanted to contribute. I am grateful to have been taken care and nourished by financial contributions and so many different ways by my community and friends.
I have been asked this question – how much are they expected to pay?
You are not paying the price of the workshop as I believe most things in the world can not be priced but instead you are offering money or any other support to nourish me and the spaces that host my workshops so we all can continue offering our gifts with ease and joy to our community.

How do I decide how much to contribute?
Its about taking care of each other, if you get value from some thing, would you also like to support the person or the space that brings that value to your life so it can be nourished and the process is joyfully sustainable. If you can’t offer much in terms of money we can together find other creative ways of supporting each other in other creative ways also.

We are trusting that your are holding the intention of care for your self as well as those who bring this valuable gift to your life and would enjoy nourishing them too to the best of your abilities and want to support my dream if you to share the same.

If you have any doubts and want a greater understanding feel free to contact Shammi.

For letting your know that larger picture I would like to share information on the areas where I would want to spend the money. If you share my dreams, you can think of many different ways of contributing towards fulfilling these dreams with our without money.

Some of the things for which I would need money in the near future. (With Approx Amount needed for the activitiy)

  1. My personal expenses for home, travel and nourishment.
  2. Supporting travel and expenses of Apprentices who want to learn NVC with me and support me in my work.
  3. Creating Video and Audios on Nonviolent Communication for the Indian context.
  4. Creating Publications on NVC
  5. To create a Learning and Resource Center for supporting the growth of NVC and Peace Building works.
  6. To organise inter caste, religion and gender retreats to make a space for dialogues between diverse groups to foster understanding and connection between them.

You can also contribute in ways other than money too by giving your time and skills, providing spaces for hosting workshops, supporting me in hosting workshops, documenting the workshops where we show how to dialogue in different ways, so please write to us if you have any other ideas to support my dreams or if you think we share our dreams.
About the Learning and Resource Space in Jaipur.
1. To create and host a space for creating a land based sustainable living and learning community. It will be a learning and resource center on Conflict Transformation, Community Living, Consensus process and Non Violence. The place would be accessible to people from all over the world with more efforts to attract people from South Asia and Africa.This place will support in creating a Peace Corp of which can go and support other individuals, families, communities, sects, organization, government agencies, companies, movements, political groups, or any one who are willing to try our conflict transformation practices.

The Peace Corp could even go in areas of Riots and Violent Struggles to create spaces for dialogue between the groups who are in conflict. We will strive to work with any one, irrespective of their ideological stands. Amount for this is not known yet as it will slowly evolve as I go along and find more co-travellers for this journey of learning and sharing NVC and others Restorative Peace Practices.
2. I also dream to muster support among like minded people to advocate for a Ministry of Compassion for all Governments and working on creating Restorative Justice Practices and also stopping capital punishment.

So now we leave on you to take a call to decide how much you want to contribute financially which will support us and also take care of your capacity to raise resources for it. In other words we request you to pay from your heart.

During the workshop we will also spend some time to talk about Shammi’s views on financial contribution, or concerns and challenges that people have about this process. We will see how we can have dialogue in an NVC way and this will contribute to a live learning situation.

Here are some resources and talks about Gift Culture
According to my friend Nipun Mehta Giftivism emodies four key shifts:
 consumption to contribution, where you open each door and ask “how can I serve?” instead of “what can I get?”
 transaction to trust, where you count on people to act selflessly
 isolation to community, where you honor your inter-connectedness with others
 scarcity to abundance, where you sensitize yourself to non-material resources like social capital
He talks about them in a Tedx talk here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpyc84kamhw
And in his blog: http://www.servicespace.org/blog/view.php?id=10038
You can also watch Shammi talk about giftivism here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AkyQzf_DnIc
And read more here: http://www.swaraj.org/shikshantar/giftculture.pdf


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