How to give Pre Emptive Empathy for Customer Dissatisfaction!

I am enjoying integrating NVC in business as we are offering our wellness meals to the larger community each day on a given time. It’s exciting to serve these creative and organic meals each day. There are many opportunities to speak from a place of compassionate giving and receiving in our business when things get messy and it’s fun to build connection and grow with the customer community. I realise feedback is a very important thing and companies need to have lot of capacity to hear feedback. 

For Example, When we send the meal and I imagine that that food could be less quantity  for some, even after the food has reached people, I sent a broadcast asking if the food was less and share my regret in advance and ask for their feedback. This is more like a pre-emptive empathy and making an encouraging space for people to share their challenge. When people share critical feedback, they are our free consultants and I don’t want to try my best not to do any of the things which I hated when some one from ‘customer care’ would do to me,  like justifying their actions even before fully hearing the customer dissatisfaction.  Some times things do get messy and worse but with the NVC experience I feel much more relaxed in challenging situations and can improve things with greater ease. WhatsApp Image 2019-07-19 at 8.44.57 PM

It’s fun when in some time, I receive a message where some one sees the care!

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-19 at 9.01.50 PM

Gratifying to do business and deal with money, authority and power with care and iter inter dependence.

Stay tuned for more stories on self management practices and empathic businesses!

Shammi Nanda



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Ahimsa Bazaar Arrives at Jaipur!

Ahimsagram invites you to  Ahimsa Bazaar, on 24th April at Kanota Courtyard, Narayan Niwas, Narayan Singh Cricle, Jaipur at the Maahi Roj 2019, a festival celebrating earth day. Ahimsa Bazaar will happen each day from 5 pm to 8 pm on the , 27th and 28th April.

Ahimsa Bazaar is  an upcoming farmers markets in Jaipur with focus on organic products where attempts are also taken to produce them  ethically by taking care of all beings and our mother earth. We want to move towards a nonviolent world by bringing  together different stakeholders like the consumers, farmers, vendors, artists, chefs, manufacturers of hand crafted home made products, vendors of natural beauty, home cleaning, menstrual hygiene, organically/naturally produced and dyed clothes, artists, performers, conscious designers, location hosts and many more who wish to move towards a compassionate and beautiful world.

We are in the also process of creating Ahimsa Bazaar at RRAP, Jaipur Virasat Foundation begin on the 12th may and will continue every Sunday from 5.30 pm to 8 pm.

Ahimsa Bazaar will not have any animal products on sale.

Our focus is to support regenerative businesses which promote organic and natural ways of production, strengthen local economies and generate wealth in the community and allows for individual and collective abundance on the planet.

Later on the market will happen in different locations on a regular basis in Jaipur City. Some of the organic farmers, vendors and chefs who are bringing the food at Maahi Roj are:

Our Co-Hosts:
Rahul of 5S organics
 is an enthusiastic organic farmer from Jaipur who moved out of export business, tried his hands in chemical farming and saw that his soil was getting destroyed and getting more and more dependant on chemical fertilsers and pesticides, he decided to move to organic farming and began growing and delivering organic veggies to the community on a regular basis.

whatsapp-image-2019-04-19-at-8.58.50-pm-e1555947627359.jpegWhatsApp Image 2019-04-19 at 9.05.11 PMWhatsApp Image 2019-04-19 at 9.05.13 PM

Rahul will be getting Cabbage, Tomato, Shimla Mirch, Chilli 2 types, Baigan, Peanut oil and Edible Cutlery.

Sushil  is a committed organic farmer from Jaipur who is also growing amazing Kinnows and has also now introduced fresh Kinnow Juice. He also organises farm visits and Kinnow Harvest at his farm.

He is bringing Tomato,  Green Chilli, Methi, Spinach, Green Onions, Organic Kinnows, Organic Kinnow Juice.

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-19 at 7.00.04 PM (1)WhatsApp Image 2019-04-19 at 8.12.29 PMWhatsApp Image 2019-04-19 at 8.12.30 PM

Jaipur Rugs farm has been initiated by the vision of the Company’s founder Mr N K Chaudhary, who thought of creating an organic farm around four years ago and now they are producing grains, lentils, vegetables, peanuts. They will also be getting an assortment of veggies and pulses/grains like Einkorn wheat (Kapila Wheat), Okra (Bhindi), Green Tomato , Armenian cucumber (Kakdi) , Apple Gourd (Tinda) , Cucumber (Kheera), Spring Onion , Coriander (Dhaniya).

Ravi and Ashutosh,  who created Organo Kitchen,  are also bringing organic fruits to the people of Jaipur. They are social entrepreneurs with high integrity and search for organic farmers who can give them organic fruits. I was having market pomegranates and was constantly getting boils in my mouth. When I began eating their pomegranates my boils disappeared.

I have heard of stories of my friends getting acidity when eating regular watermelons from the market while the watermelons coming from them do not cause any such issues. The bananas are rich and textured and apples they get from himachal have the taste that you might have tasted 10 to 15 years ago when you ate a naturally grown fruit.

They will be getting apples, pomegranates, bananas and mustard oil,  peanut oil, date pickle.


Ahimsagram Kitchen is bringing all organic peanut butter, ragi cookies and much more. Their food is without white sugar,  vegan and least processed. The team will be there making some thing fresh for the visitors.


IMG_6663Ahimsagram is also bringing clothes from Takali, which is creating hand woven cotton dyed with natural dyes. The enterprise is created by Anuj Kothari, who has also been at Swaraj University, Udaipur and worked hard to create a business which takes care of our eco systems as we create things for our day to day use.

We want to work towards regenerating wellness of the individual, communities, different beings and our planet.


If you want to host an organic farmers market which is a cultural and learning event, contact ahimsagram at or call Shammi at +91-9486083163. We will be glad to work.






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Fundraiser for Ahimsagram for helping Shammi take a Holacracy Coach License.

Dear Friends,

This message is a fundraiser for supporting me in my journey to become a licensed Holacracy Coach by going through the assessments with Holacracy One. This will give me supporting resources and skills to be able to share Holacracy to the larger community and support businesses and organisations in implementing Holacracy.

I have been working on Self management for the last four years and Nonviolent Communication(NVC) for more than seven years . I founded Ahimsagram, three years ago,  with the purpose of creating a world of individual empowerment along with collective abundance through setting up self managed organisations and for living learning and sharing  Nonviolent Communication(NVC) while deciding to govern our organisation with Sociocracy which is a consent based dynamic governance process. I also  invited others who were on a similar search to join me and we had on an average five to six people and during the first one and half years at Ahimsagram. As we practiced Sociocracy I enjoyed the collaborative decision making processes along with their challenges. At the same time I also realised that I was still needing something more which helps me move forward with greater ease and effectiveness in a relaxed manner. At that time, I came across Holacracy and found that it gave a powerful structure to deal with chaos and complexity of the real world and integrate the diversity and creativity of the team members. It  supported the organisation to move towards a shared purpose while also supporting individual autonomy and creativity.

Initially, working with Holacracy was very challenging as it is a whole new system and needed unlearning old habits  where some people are scared to take power as they never had power in the social structure and some who are used to taking more power don’t know how to share it and assume they have power over others when they do their day to day work. On top of that, Since I had grown in cultures where ‘power’ was often used to suppress or to be seen as something to rebel against, it was a dirty word and I often pretended I didn’t want to take power, and yet there was no way out so there was a sense of guilt in taking power and also at the same time dysfunctionality when there was total abandonment of authority and power. However, when I worked with Holacracy, it was a relief for me to see that  power and authority can be distributed to support individual creativity along with  care and transparency while connecting to the purpose of the organisation. It helped build clarity of processes and processes where each individual had the pathway to solve the tensions, that came in fulfilling ther roles by engaging with  others in processes defined by the holacracy constitution.

After tasting Holacracy for an intial one  year I had a hunger to get a deeper understanding of it and see places where it was actually used and was working well. I travelled to US to do a Practitioner Training with Brian Robertson and also then travelled inside US for about two months visiting various businesses and organisations which were using Holacracy. I had great support from Holacracy One team members who guided and nurtured me during this journey. Am also grateful to Mr N K Chaudhary and Jaipur Rugs who majorly funded this journey and the training.

IMG_6987 copy

It was reassuring to see Holacray working as an effective self management practice in many diverse businesses and organisations, which encouraged me to dive further into it at Ahimsagram after I came back from US and it has been a fun ride till now with all its spicy challenges. Later in 2018, I also went for a coach training as I decided to share it with others who are seeking effective self management, which was also supported by Jaipur Rugs.

Besides, the financial support there were many friends and from the larger community supported my Journey in the US who opened their homes for me and supported me in my travels. I am grateful for all these contributions and reassured that there are many of us.

I now plan to be a Licensed Coach for Holacray and am applying for that with the Holacracy One company, which offers a rigorous process for becoming a licensee and work with their support in Holacracy implementation in other Businesses and Organisations.

For  this I need to go for two online assessments to establish my  knowledge and understanding of practice of Holacracy. I would be asked to for facilitate a tactical meeting, as well as a governance meeting with coaches from ‘Holacracy One’  and they will coach me as well as assess me on that. The fee for each assessment costs around $895, however, they have agreed to support me and charge for only one of the assessment while allowing me to do both. It’s a 50 percent discount on the fee. I am much grateful to them.  I want to raise money to this one assessment, which will be 895, USD(Rs62,000).

Lately we are inspired by the idea of Regenerative Businesses, where we want to create enterprises, run with holacracy which are going to impact the human footprint on the planet while conscious choices in our day to day life. We want to step into bringing organic products, set up gardens, support processes to create farmers markets in cities and much more. All these will also happen in a way that individuals who are purpose driven are engaging with clarity, transparency and interdependently. At this moment I also see my role in coaching all these teams which will be setting up these unique businesses. I see all this work can lead to a cultural, social and ecological shift on our planet.

If you would like to see a world of individual empowerment with collective abundance, and would like to support my journey of learning and sharing Holacracy to the larger world, you are welcome to contribute. Any contribution is welcome. I am also making an Fundraise Tracking Sheet  for people to keep a track of the funds, where I will enter the name(unless someone wants the contribution to be anonymous), so any one can track the contributions and when I have collected enough to pay for the fee, people can stop from contributing to this fund. If you wish to contribute for this fund, please mail me at or call or Whatsapp at +91-9486083163.

In case you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to ask me.


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How to live with ‘not knowing’!

A caterpillar transitions into a butterfly. Its interesting that when it turns into a pupa with a shell around it, it stays in the darkness and is quietly morphing inside and at one point it almost becomes liquid and slowly begins to turn into a butterfly. If we see the caterpillar and the butterfly, there is no similarity. Its a totally new form, where the old does not know the map of the new one. I learnt this in the Life Transitions workshop with Kathleen Macferran and Mary Mackenzie. What happens in the Pupa is the stage of not knowing or emergence. Where you are another being and don’t know what is going to emerge. All this came out alive when I saw this caterpillar today at Ahimsagram. 

I just want friends to remember to at times live with the ‘not knowing’, you dont know fully  where you are and where you are going. Its more like karmayoga or non attachment to the fruit of your actions. At the same time we can be achored in our purpose and hold the emergence with openness. Yet there is a need for security and predictability which is also connected to  your need for stability and ease. And yet for emergence to happen we need to hold some of our strategies lightly for the unknown and creative to emerge. Also, some times life is like a jugad, some things which seemed like a problem finds the right place in the scheme of things and some thing which was super cool needs to go for a higher purpose. 


Enjoying how nature is there to teach us all the time, if we are willing to spend time with it.  


Shammi at

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Mediation Support from AhimsaGram

Are you stuck in a conflict with some one which is taking away your peace of mind?
Would you like mediation support to build an understanding and transform the relationship with the other person/s?
If yes, and if you think the other person might be open to have mediation support, you can contact Ahimsagram.
We wish to support people to find non violent ways of living and communicating and we have a panel of people with us who are experienced in mediation.
Finances for the mediation will be decided based a conversation about your the financial capabilities of the people asking for mediation and other ways that they can support Ahimsagram or their mediators. We have kept it flexible so this offer is available to as many people as we can support and not essentially restricted by their financial resources.
To contact us, write to or call +91-9486083163.
To know more about us see our site at and our fb page at
Shammi Nanda

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When you work with some, ask them how do they ‘fight’?

If I want anyone to work with me and see if they are the right fit for our organisation, I would want to know and understand how do they respond when conflicts have happens in their community/organisation in the past. A willingness to engage and understand each other and stretching your self in such moments makes it possible for the communities or organisations to thrive. A much more appreciable thing for me would be if some one also works towards creating systems for challenging conversation and addressing conflicts in their group.
I say this as I see conflict as a natural thing and those who deny this natural part of their self at individual or organisation level are in some illusions and are doomed for creating personal and collective disasters.
I have been facing some of these situations at our organisation, Ahimsagram as I didn’t make agreements on ways of dealing with conflicts when people joined Ahimsagram or as partners and ended up with some who want to hide or block when there is a conflict.

Of course our learning about dealing with conflicts in our society is very limited. A big challenge is also having safe spaces for conflicts to emerge in them and that is some thing that has to happen at a systemic level in any group of people who come together to  create some thing.

Below is a Mural on a wall in Mission Street in San Francisco. Glad to see such deep wisdom displayed on the walls by the artists there. IMG_2134.jpg

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Supporting a Holacracy Pilgrimage

Dear Friends,

This post is for seeking support for my two month Holacracy Learning Pilgrimage in US. I am looking for organisations or businesses working with Holacracy and who are open to have me be at their spaces so I can learn from their experience of being with Holacracy.

I have been exploring living, learning and sharing ways to build authentic relationships and collaborative processes with Nonviolent Communication(NVC) and Sociocracy for last few years. For deepening my practice and bring my learnings to the world I have also initiated an organisation AhimsaGram, which is for practicing these processes in order to learn them deeply and  offer them to the larger community. We are now registered as a proprietorship firm with Government of India registered by Shammi Nanda. Ours is a business with a commitment to social change and we have created a community space in Jaipur, India.  See our Vision, Mission and Aim here. At Ahimsagram we are now governing ourselves with Holacracy, which is a self organised management system.


Adventures with Collaboration: My Journey on these subjects has been full of celebrations and challenges.  When I search for organisations, groups or movements which work with the spirit of co-creation where each person has autonomy with their work while holding interdependence with others, I am hardly able to find any or just a few around me. I mostly found people working with different forms of control and command structures, sometimes they are open and sometimes they work under a shadow power figures.  I had initiated AhimsaGram two years ago to see if we humans can work together for a shared purpose? Some people joined the team to live this exploration with me and am grateful for whatever time and energy they put into this exploratory project.

This journey to create the world of my dream has at times been extremely difficult, sometimes to the point of extreme pain and hopelessness and at times along with deep hurt and resentment with the other team members.  There were moments when I was about to come to a ‘conclusion’ that human beings are only meant to work with domination and control, right and wrong, punishment and reward. Yet, there were moments, when there was trust, inspiration, shared authority and an authentic spirit of co-creation playing itself in actions. I give a lot of credit to NVC and Holacracy for these moments. I realised that most of us were behaving in response to our contexts, which we had inherited from the dominant systems, which rely on control and command principles for organising teams. I realised that when the systems change, it leads to the change in the contexts, which impacts the way we act in those different contexts. I am seeking to find and create processes and systems which can change the context to make them more suitable for distribution of power and allows human beings to come to their deep spiritual place while contributing their gifts to the universe.

Holacracy – The Promise to Self Organise: I also experienced beautiful moments of collaboration, autonomy arising  from distributed authority, self responsibility and synergy while we are governing Ahimsagram with Holacracy. As we have gone deeper with it lately, our meetings are becoming more effective and we are able to build the organisation day by day by creating appropriate roles, accountabilities and policies. Having been inspired by Holacracy in the last one year,  I now chose to go for this practitioner training in USA and to visit organisations working there with different tools and processes for fostering co-creation.

IMG_8462 (1).jpg

With Participants from the Practitioner Training in New York from 16th to 20th April facilitated by Brian Robertson and Holacracy One team.

Holacracy Learning Pilgrimage: I am taking this learning journey in US for a period of about three months from 13 April to 5 June, 2018. I have already completed Holacracy Practitioner Training from 16th to 20th April with Holacracy One, a company which created Holacracy. Details of the five day training are at 

I am now travelling in the US for another one and half month, visiting organisations, eco villages and businesses which are using Holacracy and other collaborative practices. I would refer to my journey as as a pilgrimage as I believe that these learnings can change my life at a deep spiritual level by giving me ways to  create and governance systems which work in the spirit of co-creation. This learning is eventually going to enrich me and my community and contribute towards creating a more humane world.

Collecting Harvests and Sharing the Learnings: I will be capturing and harvesting stories of Holacracy implementation, the celebrations and challenges of those who have practiced it and are at various stages of their journeys, making videos, podcasts, blogs and other learning materiel during my journey.

Here is details about some of the organisations that I plan  to visit during my trip to US during my journey.

I need lot of support from the community and well wishers to make this journey happen. 

How could you support this Journey?

  1. If you are practicing Holacracy and your organisation is willing to have me be with you, for a period of 2 to 6 days please write to me at I also like to share Nonviolent Communication(NVC), my work on food and healing, as well as organic farming, in the spirit of gift as I travel around the country during this pilgrimage.  You will have a glimpse of my offerings if you are open to receive them when I come to your place. 
  2. You could offer me financial support for my travel, stay and food etc. I need upto Rs 3,500 USD still to make this journey happen further. Any amount of support is welcome so don’t hesitate if you think you have a small amount. Each contribution counts and comes with blessings.

If you have any clarifications, please feel free to ask me. In case there is any cross posting I request you to bear with it and let us know of it so we can avoid it in the future.

To have a glimpse of our day to day lives at AhimsaGram see our fb page. To know more about my journey see my fb profile.

Shammi Nanda

Contributor At

Ahimsagram, India

Phone: +91-9486083163

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